Monday, 9 August 2021

Review 3 NHK Documentaries COVID 19 infection mechanisms through the high sensitivity camera


19 months later, the world unexpectedly returned to the "old' controversy over whether to wear a mask and whether it is airborne. The following 3 NHK documentaries present excellent visualizations for public understandings. Note that the Japanese scientists called the aerosol as the micro droplets at that time.

1. Coronavirus: New Facts about Infection Mechanisms - NHK Documentary: NHK WORLD-JAPAN, April 3, 2020

2. COVID-19: Clearing the Air Effectively: /NHK WORLD-JAPAN, June 30, 2020

3. In the office: COVID-19: Reducing Contact Infection Risks: /NHK WORLD-JAPAN, June 30, 2020

How to wear a mask in a right way:




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