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Relations for Reusing (R4R) Ontology

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Published : 14 July 2014 (中文:R4R/資料重複使用關聯性的知識本體/16 August 2014)
Authors : Andrea Wei-Ching Huang and Tyng-Ruey Chuang
R4R is a light-weight ontology for representing general relationships of resource for publication and reusing. It asserts that a certain reusing context occurred and determined by its two basic relations, namely, isPackagedWith and isCitedBy. The isPackagedWith relation declares the resource is ready to be reused by incorporating License and Provenance information. The Cites relation is an exceptional to isCitedBy which occurs only two related objects cite each other at the same time. Five resource objects including article, data, code, provenance and license are major class concepts to represent in this ontology.

資料重複使用的關聯性(R4R)是一個簡易的的知識本體,用來描述資源的發佈 (Publication) 和重複使用(再利用/Reusing) 的一般性關係。其中,isPackagedWithisCitedBy這兩個基本關係,定義了資源處於可重複使用的情況。其中,isPackagedWith 借由資料套裝後設資料溯源資訊(provenance)與授權資訊 (license) 進行宣告資源是處於可重複使用的狀態,另外,引用(cites)則是被引用(isCitedBy)的特殊情況,用來描述兩個相關的物件彼此在同一時間相互引用。R4R中五個主要的物件概念包括文章,資料,軟體程式/代碼,後設資料溯源資訊授權資訊。

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