Friday 26 July 2013

Playing the Pundit with LODLAM 2013 Session Notes

If people have the task for writing up a report after attending a conference/meeting, double-checking any detail-oriented elements about the conference/meeting is a must-do. However, web resources are scattered. Taking my experience on LODLAM 2013 for instance, the session notes of the official website only contains two notes while some notes have been submitted into different places of this official site. (Partly because the problem of user behavior) 

Some other notes have been aggregated via twitter hashtag #lodlam, but these twits have been mixed up with other lodlam information. Since we are talking about reusing and reconnecting web resources, I decide to make a test with the web annotation system, the Pundit, the winner of the LODLAM 2013 Challenge. 

Here is some results of my testing on session notes as the annotated object: the triples use "the session notes" (text fragment of the official site) as the subject; "is described in" as the property; notes from 20 web pages as the object.

The page in public notebook of the Pundit (better use Firfox browser):

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